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Data Lab Platform

Building A Cost Effective Clinical Data Ecosystem

Storing, maintaining, enriching data, and retrieving quality patient insights and clinical research is not a walk in the park in the healthcare sector. Globally, the situation is more complex for small to midsize healthcare service providers who are pressured due to issues relating to cost, quality, and workforce involvement in clinical data research and insights.

With the Data Lab Platform, Celbridge Science focuses on resolving these issues through Artificial Intelligence.

Solution Overview

Enabling Optimization Of Data-Driven Care & Clinical Research

Settings of health data is not easily available for Clinicians in mid-sized and small firms. In these instances, patients are not gaining the full value of a comprehensive review of their health situation so caregivers can optimize the patient experience, both in terms of quality and positive experience.

The Data Lab Platform helps build on an AI-driven data ecosystem that is cost effective and delivers actionable insight so clinicians and administrators can address opportunities to enhance:

  • Cost to Serve
  • Quality of Care
  • Workforce Optimization

Framework In Focus

On-Cloud Data Vault To Categorize And Enrich Data


Clinical Data is extracted from Electronic Health Records


Key data is collected and characterized in your proprietary Data Vault within Celbridge Data Lab


Data is structured by patient records and disease state


Enriched Lab Research Data is provided for De-Identified Data for Research & Reporting

Differentiation Delivered

Decisive Clinical Impact With Predictive Care Intervention

  • Caregivers can optimize every single patient visit
  • Ensures quality and consistency of experience
  • Better clinical processes such as remote monitoring, prognosis, and clinical decision support
  • Reduced adverse events in the care journey
  • Improved design of treatment courses with reduced healthcare costs

Explore An Accelerated System Of Care Analysis Optimizing Triage & Diagnosis