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Care Insights In An Instant With AI As The Pivot

In the world of Healthcare there’s data here, data there, and data everywhere. But few lead to insights in the nick of time for saving lives or improving patient experiences. While AI solutions in the market connect the dots between disparate data sources, not all of them deliver insights that are easily available as getting answers to a question.

Our platform AI Answer is the answer, answering your patient-related queries.

Platform Overview

Answer For Faster Insights And Better Decisions In The Care Continuum

Onboarding AI Answer, all you need to do is connect the platform with your care data. The platform intelligently connects disparate data silos in your care ecosystem – from patient case history to medical diagnosis, leveraging Natural Language Processing to answer critical care queries.

Through answers in an instant, the platform improves critical decisions in the overall care process and improves patient experiences.

Framework In Focus

Leveraging AI And NLP To Intelligently Address User Queries

Using the state-of-the-art Natural Language Artificial Intelligence of GPT-3, AI answer translates your English questions & instructions into ANSI SQL. This is possible due to seamless integration with care systems, given that the platform is universally compatible with every database, EHR, ERP, and other applications.

Differentiation Delivered

AI-led Insights Leading To Positive Impact

  • Instant access to actionable data empowers stakeholders to make the most appropriate decisions
  • Key service metrics can be identified quickly
  • A better flow of patient information in the care ecosystem
  • Improved patient experiences and resource management enabling to achieve better margins

Embrace Answers In An Instant Across Care Delivery Practices