Where Should AI Be Used & Why?

By September 28, 2021 October 25th, 2021 Blog
Ai As A Service

AI is a savior for businesses. Artificial intelligence has algorithms that mimic human behavior or human thinking that doubles the computing capacity of any machine in terms of real-world relevance. It further enhances the speed, precision and effectiveness of human efforts involved in business processes when AI is extended to Machine Learning and ML is extended to Deep Learning.

Every industry from Pharma, Lifesciences, Automation, Manufacturing to Supply Chain have numerous departments, processes, products, etc. that are data-dependent AI make them more efficient and productive through the following ways:

  1. AI for Data Analytics

It becomes difficult to get useful insights from the analyzed data at scale and quickly with huge and complex data sets. Because what’s the use of insight if it’s late or incorrect due to manual errors. The whole data analytics process can be taken to the next level with machine learning models and AI. It can handle complex data sets and solve any business problem through the insights it develops. The constant analysis that machine learning models with AI do, help to bring scalability, pace and accuracy to data analytics in real-time.

  1. AI for Business Decision Making

A business decision needs descriptions of the problems, their root cause and different solutions that can solve that business challenge. A data analytics approach alone can help solve problems at a very small scale and when the complexity of the problem is low. But as the complexity increases, the probable solutions become complex, and the system needs to take into account all the scenarios, the root causes and compute it at a very large complex scale to provide better decision-making to the businesses. Celbridge science has helped its clients across various industries make better decisions with its AI and ML capabilities.

For example: In a Supply Chain that functions at a very massive scale and faces any problem, our pre-trained Machine learning models can come to the rescue as they are trained to sense, understand, analyze the data continuously and provide solutions in real-time and at pace. Similarly, the AI can itself predict any similar problems that can come in the future and alert the stakeholders in advance due to its pattern recognition and predictive reasoning capabilities that come to it through its machine learning models.

  1. AI for Business Process Optimization

Apart from crucial decision-making, AI can optimize the business processes throughout. Each department can be made more efficient and productive by saving costs through error reduction and process optimization. For example: In Manufacturing and Logistics, AI can optimize inventory management, dispatching, and workforce planning. In Lifesciences, the power of AI and ML helps researchers and clinicians speed up the research process and save millions in dollars.

Similarly, businesses and governments can also optimize their services by custom designing AI & ML algorithms that cater to various government programs and departments.

As businesses want to maximize return on their investments, they have made technologies, processes, and human workforce. AI can enhance the business capabilities to the next level and can make them future-proof.Celbridge Science offers AIaaS for organizations that seek to benefit from AI technologies without a massive investment in People, Process & Technology. Please check out at Celbridge Science. To connect, email us at [email protected] or call us anytime on 1636-594-2242.