Integrating Bioinformatics, Medical Science and Drug Discovery

By September 17, 2020 Blog

Healthcare in the 21st century faces a unique set of challenges such as rising healthcare costs, analytical research, productivity in curative discovery and development. Reducing costs with the time required for steps in the drug discovery pipeline is crucial to deliver better drugs promptly. Succeeding these odds bioinformatics industry has turned to computational approaches to overcome the traditional development in drug discovery and medical science. The use of biomarkers in drug development has shifted the trend toward more quantitative, evidence-based drug development integrating bioinformatics, medical science and drug discovery.

Integrating Bioinformatics, Medical Science and Drug Discovery promises to equip researchers with tools and resources for efficient capture and analyze the structure of medicine while allowing medical field and doctor’s access to evidence-based insights for efficient patient care. Here we highlight some of the areas individually in which bioinformatics resources and methods are being developed to support the drug discovery pipeline.

  • Bioinformatics
    Bioinformatics now is integrated with computer science which is now emerging as a crucial element with a standard shift in modern biology and biomedical research to use the computers, software tools and computational models for accurate and precise discovery. Bioinformatics deals with the exponential growth in biological data have led to the development databases available as publicly across the world. Bioinformatics plays a vital role in the integration of broad disciplines of biology and aids how biomedical investigators use the information in their testing. The complete process of data collection to analysis of the results of such tests is also known as Clinical Informatics.
  • Informatics and Medical Sciences
    It is a known fact that most of the doctors are opposed to computers. To overcome this problem one of the solutions proposed is to introducing Palmtops personally customized for physicians that fit easily into the pocket of a lab coat, helping the doctor to feed in the medical data sequentially. This leads to addressing the basic need of any medical analysis, data capture creating Electronic Medical Records (EMR) eventually, developing a database for reference and analysis and routine clinical record in the form of charts or specialized datasheets. This concept drastically reduces the possibilities of manual errors due to frustration and other emotional disorders. Shortly the complete information of the patient can be accessed from the EMR ranging from drug trial data, tests performed with accurate outcomes and research analysis.
  • Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery
    Nowadays infectious diseases are the world’s biggest killers. WHO states that “there occur more than 13 million deaths a year in a developing country due unavailability of efficient drugs and availability leading to the high cost”. The major problems faced by mankind are the discovery and development of cheap and efficient drugs. Rational Drug Design using Bioinformatics is a one-step solution to this problem to end the trial and error process of drug discovery to rational structure-based drug design with reduced time and cost. Taking into account all factors we have to develop an effective structure of drugs with potential targets identifying current scenario.
  • Need for Integration
    Rapid advances in the field of computers coupled with increasing technology favor the implementation of computer applications in medical science and bioinformatics. Added, the availability of large databases on the internet has revolutionized the way a doctor addresses a strategy for treatment. Human Proteomics Initiative is a classic example, showing the necessity of integrating Bioinformatics to predict structures and functions of proteins. Medical science to identify proteins in metabolic or other disorders. And drug discovery to identify novel drugs against the predicted targets.

Thus all three areas must work in synchronization to achieve the ultimate goal of the precise drug development process and apply it for the betterment of human lives with the early characterization of a drug that can make the next blockbuster. If you’re looking to develop perfect drug discovery, correct analytical research, and accurate methods for integrating medical science bioinformatics, please check out at Celbridge Science. To connect with us at [email protected] or call us anytime on 636-594-2242.