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Looking at the post-COVID-19 scenario through a data lens, that has brought societies to halt demands for an increase in investing in technologies. Ongoing lockdowns, uncertainties in businesses and project recessions are struggling to cope up day to day operations and decisions through all the domains possible. While the current situation seems bank and the future seem uncertain organizations need to be recalibrated to new normal. Amidst this pandemic, we are also dealing with changing consumer demand, supply chain disruptions, modification in healthcare diagnosis and medical science and many more. The only solution that will be of value to adapt and uplift crises is going digital and having strong data science capabilities.

With most of the organizations adopting remote working, they have to deal with certain challenges and multiple operation disruptions. Many companies are adopting agile business processes, new operational models for long term impacts via data science and data-driven simulations using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Also, organizations have already begun to respond by investing in technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, many companies have started to ensure contactless transaction for 24/7 and 365 customer support via intelligent chatbots and RPA to ease complex and rule-based digital task such as filling multiple and repetitive data. Apart from these responses company are building IoT devices with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the format of data and gather real-time data, remotely monitor pulse rate, glucose levels to detect possible outbreaks with intelligent healthcare systems.

Data Science is continuously evolving with its ambiguous nature to play a major role in reshaping the structure of data and analytics in such a volatile environment. Data Science offers a very agile and reinforced approach in the following areas:

  • Prescriptive Modeling:
    Logic-based models with machine learning approach would lead to stable decision making with high priorities for contextual information. Currently, organizations are facing risk due to lack of concrete information, with prescriptive models coming in play company would be able to handle the risk of uncertainty and implement the best course of action.
  • Data Management:
    Managing data is a strategic resource before conducting its analysis. It’s imperative to have a well defined and documented data management process that smartly monitor and improve the accuracy of data patterns with a change in every data added.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence:
    Enhancing your business processes with the power of artificial intelligence helps companies to pivot to a vastly improved competitive position. Advanced AI and advanced analytics algorithms are used to transform, simplify and enhance your business performance across domains to bring the best in them and accelerate business capabilities to reduce manual burdens with valued analysis
  • Data Analytics:
    Understanding the structure of disease, creating treatment plans and improving the existing plans in medical science, data analytics is coming up with diagnosis which more reliable and faster. With accurate data results and analysis, a scientist can perform and analyze medical test easily speedily, freeing the extra resources and gaining valued insights from the extracted data.
  • Machine Learning and Big Data Processing:
    The value of data is directly linked to its quality. The insights derived from the complex and unstructured data cannot be trusted. With Machine Learning and Big Data coming into the picture can detect missing values, finding duplicate records that have the same entity with different terminology and normalizing the data to advance business processes and data mapping.

Most of the organizations are still crawling and learning to combine the new possibilities and outcomes of data science. The future is an intelligent industry that leverages all the data and provides all optimized outcomes that would efficiently work for us in every domain of Information Technology and Medical Science. Moreover, the companies developing solutions not only need to rigorously test their solutions but also must ensure that the solution leveraged should work post-COVID-19 world with an added extra layer to the one that would be built in for the future.

Optimizing the potential of Data Science addresses the global community with solutions to tackle the pandemic. With the rapid development of data science during the COVID-19, the data science of tomorrow is already addressing the challenges we are facing today. If you’re looking to leverage such services during COVID-19, please check out at Celbridge Science. To connect with us at [email protected] or call us anytime on 636-594-2242.

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