Analytics As a Service for the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

By October 25, 2021 Blog

Logistics and supply chains have been the backbone of the world economy for years. The recent digitalization has changed its processes, methodologies and legacy systems to new generation high tech capabilities. With massive digital transformation comes massive data. The supply chain and logistics service providers must benefit from the analytics, from this data to improve services and stay ahead of the competition.

Analytics can be used at each level of the supply chain and logistics. The main thing that makes analytics very usable is the amount of data generated by any logistics and supply chain operation. The decision at each stage is crucial as wrong decisions can hamper the whole chain. Using analytics embedded with AI and ML can help companies in different ways to boost productivity and profits. Below are some of the areas where Celbridge Science has helped its clients achieve higher productivity and profits with the power of analytics as a service.

1. End To End Process Analytics

From sourcing to the last mile logistics, Analytics can help get better insights about end-to-end processes. With data interpretation of real-time data and predictive analytics, one can get accurate predictions related to maintenance of systems, vehicle fleet, and unplanned requirements. Also, Big Data analytics can help mitigate operational risks using diagnostic analytics and provide possible solutions with the help of prescriptive analytics before time.

2. Demand Forecasting

Big data analytics with predictive analytics based on the AI and ML models helps demand forecasting for supply chains. Celbridge has helped its client with its customized data analytics services to forecast demand related to sourcing, inventory and logistics management and more. Our AI programs convert this data into actionable insights, further enhancing decision-makers’ ability to make forecasting decisions. With better demand forecasting, costs are optimized, resource wastage is reduced, which results in higher profits.

3. Optimization

With loads of GPS and routing data, companies can optimize transportation routes with the help of real-time analytics. This helps to reduce transportation distance, saving fuel costs. Our Analytics Solutions are well crafted for providing automated insights for optimization. With defined KPIs for departments like warehousing, transportation, supplier management, and areas like reverse logistics, which is a costly and time-consuming area. For every purpose, we provide all the optimization analytics insights. Hence, you focus on the core business and get rid of high costs, faulty and time-consuming processes with the help of decision-making, aiding optimization.

The future of logistics is digital and many of the current manual processes will be automated with time and generate tons of data that needs to be used wisely. To be ready for this future, supply chain and logistics companies need to incorporate data analytics as a service in their end-to-end operations.

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