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September 2022

How AI is helping humanity

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered as one of the most revolutionary inventions in human history, and its transformational potential has already been seen by many. Unsurprisingly, some of the most advanced technologies we utilise on a daily basis are powered by AI-based breakthroughs. AI has come a long way. But current AI is still rather restricted. Most of the economic and societal benefits of deep learning still come from supervised learning, which is constrained by the availability of data that has been appropriately prepared (i.e., labelled). I don’t see any practical way for AI to endanger mankind, despite the fact that it has already benefited hundreds of millions of people and is well placed to continue doing so.


Today, advanced artificial intelligence enables businesses, governments, and communities to create a high-performing ecosystem that will benefit everyone on the planet. Some of the most important issues facing society are being resolved as a result of its tremendous impact on individual lives. Here are a few social advances that I think are particularly noteworthy.


Developing medicines: Innovative uses of AI are ripe in the healthcare sector, including the identification and creation of new pharmaceuticals. By utilising a significant amount of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been utilised to find promising compounds. Pharmaceutical firms utilise predictive analytics to find these potential molecules, then refine them via numerous iterations before choosing the best one for medication production.


Optimizing the Production of Renewable Energy: The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and big data analytics, along with artificial intelligence, have drastically changed the renewable energy industry. AI systems can forecast, optimise, and control energy use across several industries by combining meteorological data and sensor data. Accurate forecasts made by AI lead to improved dispatch effectiveness and lessen the demand for operational reserves.


Combatting Human Trafficking: Human trafficking must be stopped because it is a major crime against humanity and a danger to international security. Traffickers frequently post adverts online to entice potential victims. To search and assess dubious adverts, artificial intelligence techniques and computer vision techniques collect photographs from various traffickers’ websites and classify the things in the images. Additionally, to detect possible victims of human trafficking and notify police before the crime, these programmes scan data from advertising and websites.


Assisting People with Disabilities: People with disabilities who live independently have benefited from artificial intelligence. One of the biggest advancements in AI is voice-assisted AI, especially for persons who are blind or visually handicapped. It enables individuals to describe their environment and engage in smart device communication with others. For those with impairments, such tools may be a huge assistance in conquering daily challenges.

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