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April 2022

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the world

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Artificial intelligence, a.k.a. AI is widely understood to refer to “machines that respond to stimulus in the same way as people do, given the human ability for deliberation, judgement, and intention.”  These software solutions, according to academics, Shubhendu and Vijay, “make decisions that ordinarily demand a human degree of skill” and assist individuals in anticipating difficulties or dealing with challenges as they arise. As a result, they act in a deliberate, intelligent, and adaptive manner.

If you give a good look into your surroundings, you will find that Artificial Intelligence services aren’t a far-fetched concept; they’re already here, and they’re being integrated and implemented across a wide range of industries. Finance, national security, health care, criminal justice, transportation, and smart cities are all examples of this. There are countless instances when AI is already having a substantial impact on the world and complementing human capabilities. Gone are the days when we would contemplate it being just a part of sci-fi movies.

Various examples from several industries show how AI is altering many aspects of human life. The rising use of Artificial Intelligence and autonomous devices in many sectors of life is changing basic operations and decision-making within enterprises, while also enhancing efficiency and response times. But as every coin has two faces, so goes the story about AI and concerns pertaining to regulating its governance in the real world. The challenges associated with policy, regulation, and ethical issues raise eyebrows across the discussion tables.

To strike a balance between core human values and innovation, we must look into progressive solutions like improved data access, increased government investment in AI, promoting AI workforce development, creating a federal advisory committee, engaging with state and local officials to ensure they enact effective policies, regulating broad objectives rather than specific algorithms, taking bias seriously as an AI issue, maintaining mechanisms for human control and oversight, penalising malicious behaviour, and promoting cybersecurity are all but various examples of this.

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